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Tuscarora Creek

Septic Cost-Share Program


Homeowners residing in the Tuscarora Creek

watershed may be eligible for financial assistance

to upgrade or replace a failing or underperforming

septic system, as well as to get a coupon for $150.00

off the cost of pumping a functioning septic system.  

To learn more about the Tuscarora Creek Septic

Upgrade Cost-share Program and the application

process view the Application Packet.


 Printable Tuscarora Septic Flyer with Coupon

To pre-apply and confirm your eligibility:

         and print the pre-application form.  

Apply for a permit:

You will need to apply for a permit for the septic replacement with the Berkeley County Health Department. The Health Department must confirm the approved and recommended type of upgrade for the project to proceed. Canaan Valley Institute, which partners with the WV DEP and Board of Health to administer this grant program, also must approve the application in writing.

 ** The cost of the permit is not included in the septic system replacement program.

 ** The cost of the permit is paid for solely by the homeowner.


Permit Application: 

SS-182A Application for a Permit to Install or Modify an Onsite Sewage Disposal System (

After applying for a permit, you will need to obtain and submit estimates from 3 licensed septic system installers to Canaan Valley Institute.  The Berkeley County Health Department can provide a list of approved installers.  We are including a link to an Estimates Template

Once the permit is approved by the Berkeley County Health Department, you will need to contact CVI to sign a letter of agreement that will commit the funds to your project.  As limited funding is available, this agreement puts in place a timeline to ensure that funds are not tied up indefinitely.


Contact CVI at or by phone at (304) 704-0255. 

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