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Health Alerts & Public Health Educational Information: Berkeley & Morgan County WV

Did you know that while we utilize our website and Facebook pages to advise and share educational information with the public, we also utilize the WVPH Alert system to send Health Advisory & Alert Notifications to medical providers and those who work with vulnerable populations within our communities?

If you are healthcare provider or a medical professional representing healthcare clinics or medical centers, hospitals, laboratories or if you are a professional representing long-term care facilities, schools, daycares or congregate living centers in Berkeley or Morgan County West Virgina and you are not currently receiving our WVPH Alert notifications, now is a great time to join!

Starting July 2023, we will be sharing Public Health Educational Information & Updates through the WVPH Alert System on a regular basis! Ready to sign-up? Here's how:

To sign-up:

1. Complete our Sign-up Form

- Fax to: (304) 263-1067 Attention: TP Coordinator

- Mail to:

Berkeley-Morgan County Board of Health

Attn: TP Coordinator

122 Waverly Court

Martinsburg, WV 25403

- Deliver to: Either of our health department offices

**If you choose the email option, please follow-up with a phone call to 304-263-5131 ext. 8243 advising that you have emailed the form in the event that IT security protocols do not allow the email to come through.

If you are currently registered with us for Health Alerts through the WVPH Alert System and need to update your organization's name, contact information, fax number or email information, please contact Jennifer Schetrompf at 304-263-5131, ext. 8243.

We have added a section to our website for Health Alerts & Educational Information:



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