Covid-19 Updated CDC Recommendations per 8/11/22 Press Release

Below are some CDC Covid-19 recommendation updates related to quarantine and isolation based on their 8/11/2022 press release:

  • Recommending that instead of quarantining if you were exposed to COVID-19, you wear a high-quality mask for 10 days and get tested on day 5.

  • Reiterating that regardless of vaccination status, you should isolate from others when you have COVID-19.

  • You should also isolate if you are sick and suspect that you have COVID-19 but do not yet have test results.

  • If your results are positive, follow CDC’s full isolation recommendations.

  • If your results are negative, you can end your isolation.

  • Recommending that if you test positive for COVID-19, you stay home for at least 5 days and isolate from others in your home. You are likely most infectious during these first 5 days. Wear a high-quality mask when you must be around others at home and in public.

  • If after 5 days you are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of medication, and your symptoms are improving, or you never had symptoms, you may end isolation after day 5.

  • Regardless of when you end isolation, avoid being around people who are more likely to get very sick from COVID-19 until at least day 11.

  • You should wear a high-quality mask through day 10.

To view the full 8.11.22 CDC press release and additional recommendations: CDC streamlines COVID-19 guidance to help the public better protect themselves and understand their risk | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC

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