Other Programs

In addition to the many program pages provided, the Berkeley County Health Department oversees additional environmental  programs.

For more information on the programs listed below, please contact us

​Child Care Facilities:
(Family Daycare, Child Care Centers)

These facilities require a permit.  Inspections are performed at least twice per year.  In addition, child care centers also require a food establishment permit.

General Sanitation:
(Schools, Recreational Facilities, Institutions, Lodging Facilities, Care Facilities)  
These programs require a permit under the General Sanitation Rule.  These facilities are inspected at least once per year.

Manufactured Home Communities:
Manufactured Home Communities (formerly Mobile Home Parks) require a permit.  Also any new community must be approved thru this department before any construction begins.  Inspections of parks are performed at least once per year.

Recreational Water Facilities:
(Includes: indoor/outdoor pools, spas, hot tubs, bathing beaches)

These facilities require a permit and are inspected at least twice per year.  Most of these facilities require a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) to be at their disposal.  Any new facilities must be approved prior to construction to insure they meet specification requirements.

Body Piercing/Tattoo Studios:
These facilities require a permit.  They are inspected at least once per year.​

Environmental Services

Not only do we provide programs for your health, we also ensure your surroundings are safe.

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