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Date of inspection

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Food/Retail Establishment

AC&T-Falling Waters-Food01/24/19
AC&T-Falling Waters-Retail09/17/19
AC&T Edwin Miller Blvd.-Food11/14/19
AC&T Edwin Miller Blvd.-Retail11/14/19
Aldi's Food Market-Edwin Miller Blvd.06/19/19    05/17/21
Aldi Inc. #74-The Commons12/04/19    05/05/21
Almost Heaven Concessions-Mobile09/22/18    06/09/19
AMVETS Post#3009/20/19
AMVETS Post #3806/12/19    01/08/20
Angel's Bar & Grill09/23/19    01/29/20
Angelo's Brick Oven Pizza

03/06/19    03/10/20


Anthony's Pizza VII09/16/19
Anthony's Pizza-Inwood08/19/19    01/27/20

11/25/19    12/09/19

Arby's-Edwin Miller07/16/19   05/03/21 
Arby's-Foxcroft12/13/18    10/01/19
Asian Garden01/25/19
Auntie Anne's03/14/19   08/05/21  08/06/21
Bad Habits Bar & Grill08/07/19    01/23/20
BC Catering-mobile05/25/19
Bedington Crossroads Store-Food02/19/19    02/20/20
Bedington Crossroads Store-Retail02/19/19    02/20/20
Bedington Ruritan Club02/27/19
Bedington Volunteer Fire Dept.05/28/19
Bentwood Smokers BBQ & Catering06/27/19
Berkeley 2000 Rec. Center03/01/19
Berkeley County 4-H Leaders08/03/19
Berkeley Co. School Warehouse #103/19/19
Berkeley Co. School Warehouse #203/19/19
Berkeley County Senior Center

03/04/19  01/09/20    05/04/21

Berkeley County Young Farmers08/03/19
Berkeley County Youth Fair Concessions08/03/19
Berkeley County Youth Fair Kitchen

08/04/18    08/03/19

Berkeley County-Meals on Wheels01/17/19
Berkeley Medical Center-Kitchen08/20/19
Berkeley Plaza Theater02/26/19    02/12/20
Big Apple Lounge

02/25/19    02/07/20


Big Lots-Retail03/21/19
Blaze Pizza

05/14/19    01/28/20

02/19/20    05/13/21

Blue Ridge CTC-Food09/23/19   
Blue Ridge CTC Mobile Truck06/18/21
Blue White Grill

12/10/19     09/08/21  09/10/21     09/10/21

Board of Childcare-Arts Classroom-Training Class12/12/19
Board of Childcare-Main Kitchen12/12/19
Bob's Carryout-Food10/16/19
Bob's Carryout-Retail10/16/19
Bob's Evans05/09/19
Boss's Spot03/06/19    01/24/20
Boys & Girls of Eastern Panhandle12/06/19
BP Marlowe-Food02/19/19
BP Marlowe-Retail02/19/19
Brix 2701/17/19    01/21/20
Broad Lane Station02/11/19
Bruin on Main06/06/19
Buffalo Wild Wings04/26/19   07/01/21  07/02/21
Bunker Hill Lounge


Burger King-Hedgesville09/10/19
Burger King-Inwood05/20/21
Burger King-Spring Mills02/05/20
Burger King-Viking Way12/12/19
Butcher's Hook-Jason Dignazio05/07/19
Butcher's Hook-William Kerns05/07/19
Butcher's Hook-Daniel Heacock05/07/19
Butcher's Hook-Luis Smith05/07/19
Butcher's Outlet04/19/19
CJ's Bar & Grill12/03/19
Café Del Sol05/23/19    05/17/21
Callahan Counseling Service Crisis Stabilization/Detox Center09/19/19    02/04/20
Calvary United Methodist Church04/10/18    04/10/19
Camp Frame06/04/19    04/19/21
Camp Tomahawk06/10/19
Care Haven09/10/19
Caribbean Produce-Food03/05/19
Caribbean Produce-Retail03/05/19
Carly's Pizza & Italian Restaurant

07/15/19    01/14/20


Casa Om Potomac Bed & Breakfast-Food01/24/19
Casa Visone  02/04/19    02/19/20
Cat Eyes Bar & Grill09/18/19
Chilly Willy's Rocking Snoballs05/08/20
China King09/06/19
China Spring12/26/18    01/09/20
China Star02/06/19
Chinatown08/01/19    02/06/20
Chipotle Mexican Grill        09/25/19    04/04/20
Chopsticks 1910/17/19
Cinco De Mayo08/19/19    02/20/20
CJ's Corner Store07/16/20
Club Aura06/13/19    01/14/20
Comfort Inn-Breakfast03/21/19
Copper Still Pub & Grill09/23/19    05/19/21
Corner Café09/06/19    03/02/20
Country Smoke Commissary02/23/18
Country Smoke BBQ-Mobile04/26/19
Countryside Assisted Living, LLC03/02/20
Countryside Assisted Living, LLC01/23/19    03/02/20
Cracker Barrel09/26/19
Crestview Meat Market04/18/19   01/15/21
CRH Catering Brentwood06/26/19
CRH Catering Code Plus (BMC)06/26/19
CRH Catering  Ecolab06/26/19
CRH Catering Fed-Ex06/26/19
CRH Catering Orgill06/26/19
CRH Catering Ply-Gem06/26/19
CRH Catering Quad Graphics06/26/19
CRH Catering Sexton06/26/19
Crosswinds Café 09/26/19
Crowell's Village Store-Food08/13/19
Crowell's Village Store-Retail08/13/19
CVS #1429 Food-Edwin Miller Blvd.12/18/19
D&D Meats01/27/20
Daily Grind02/06/19    01/07/20
Dairy Queen #2-Queen Street10/08/19    01/27/20
Dairy Queen #3-Inwood10/17/19
Dairy Queen-#1 Winchester Ave.11/04/19
Days Inn-Viking Way01/28/19
Deez Donuts-Mobile Unit07/13/19
Dining Room09/04/19    01/17/20
Dogs 1108/06/19
Doggy Style Food Cart09/09/21
Dollar General-Bunker Hill07/27/20
Dollar General-Eagle School

09/25/17    01/16/20


Dollar General-Falling Waters-Retail03/07/19
Dollar General-Hedgesville- #2536-Retail02/05/19   
Dollar General -Hedgesville  2-Retail

03/02/18    02/28/19

01/28/20    03/11/20

Dollar General-Inwood-Retail02/28/19    01/06/20
Dollar General-Kearneysville09/28/18    02/11/20
Dollar General-Pikeside08/16/19
Dollar Tree-Eagle School Road-Retail06/19/19    05/04/21
Dollar Tree-The Commons-Retail02/04/19    01/03/20
Dollar Tree-Spring Mills04/26/19
Dominion Road Group Home09/08/19
Domino's-Falling Waters01/30/19   11/05/19 
Domino's-Hedgesville01/08/20    03/03/20
Domino's-Spring Mills01/30/19
Domino's-Williamsport Pike

07/26/19    01/07/20   05/18/21

Domino's-Winchester Ave.09/10/19
Dry Dock Pub11/05/19    05/18/21
Dunkin Donuts-Edwin Miller10/15/19
Dunkin Donuts-Hedgesville08/02/19    01/21/20
Dunkin Donuts-Baskin Robbins-Foxcroft

 04/07/21  12/11/19 


Dunkin Donuts-Baskin Robbins-Spring Mills02/26/19    01/15/20
Eagle Mart-Food09/24/19
Eagle Mart-Retail09/24/19
Earth Based Cafe LLC10/22/20
Eastern Panhandle Youth Football07/30/18    09/16/19
El Mercadito  Dario Food Market Food/Retail11/02/18    01/17/20
ELKS #77805/23/19

08/19/19    02/20/20   05/04/21

El Taco Rico Mexicana Grocery-Food06/04/19
El Taco Rico Mexicana Grocery-Retail06/04/19
Empire China10/15/19
Enter + Exit10/09/19
Everything Cheesecake LLC09/18/19
Fairfield Inn & Suites-Food07/25/19   01/17/20
Falling Waters Group Home10/08/19
Family Dollar-Inwood-Retail03/13/19
Family Dollar-Old Courthouse Square09/06/19
Family Dollar-Winchester Ave.-Retail10/03/19
Fat Jack's Bartley Q08/03/19
Fiesta Tapitia #1    09/24/19    05/05/20
Fiesta Tapitia #209/05/19
Firehouse Subs09/09/19
51-11 Lounge LLC09/09/19
Finn Thai Restaurant02/05/19
First Presbyterian Church02/13/19
Five Guys Burgers & Fries08/22/19    02/03/20
Hot 5 Stop LLC10/01/19   01/13/20
Flam3z-Fi Wi Spot10/21/19    02/12/20
Flava Dave's Mobile Unit10/25/19
Food Lion-Falling Waters-Deli/Bakery09/27/19
Food Lion-Falling Waters-Meat09/27/19
Food Lion -Falling Waters-Produce09/27/19
Food Lion Falling Waters-Retail12/04/18
Food Lion-Inwood-Bakery/Deli10/01/19
Food Lion-Inwood-Meat10/01/19
Food Lion-Inwood-Produce10/01/19
Food Lion-Inwood-Retail10/01/19
Four Corners Club01/25/19    01/22/20
Four Season's Express Inc.09/30/19
Foxcroft Shell-Food11/19/18    02/11/20
Foxcroft Shell-Retail11/19/18    02/11/20
Full Gospel Pentecostal Church05/21/19
Friend's Weight Loss & Health Food Store-Retail10/03/19
Gabriel Brothers-Retail04/30/21
Galaxy Skateland03/07/19    03/10/20
Gardner's Cook Shack04/16/18    06/10/19
Giovanni's09/19/19   08/09/21
Golden China Delicious Food05/29/19   07/07/21
Golden Corral

08/22/19    01/23/20

01/24/20    02/26/20

Good Natured-Food04/25/19    01/29/20
Good Natured-Retail

12/13/18    04/25/19


Graces Family Farm07/05/20
Grade Road Station07/26/19
Grey Cliff Hall B&B01/29/19    01/30/20
Grenich Care Home12/06/19
Green Frog Alto's

04/17/19   01/13/20   05/19/21

Green House Road Home10/08/19
Gus's Bar &  BBQ LLC03/06/19    01/27/20
Habanero Mexican Grill09/30/19
Habanero- Mobile09/20/19
Hagerstown Canteen Service, Inc.-Vending06/26/19
Hampton Inn-Inwood (Breakfast)06/06/19    
Hampton Inn-Martinsburg (Breakfast)02/05/19    01/23/20
Harmony at Martinsburg12/11/19
Harmony Hill Farmers Market06/14/19
Harvest Lighthouse Ministries10/16/19
Heatherfield's Lounge04/30/19
Heatherfield's Restaurant04/30/19
Hedgesville Baseball Concession08/05/20
Hedgesville High Band Boosters08/20/19
Hedgesville Little League Concession03/12/19    04/08/21
Hedgesville Minor League Concession03/27/19    04/08/21
Hedgesville Softball Concession

03/21/19    04/08/21  04/14/21 

Hedgesville Volunteer Fire Department01/10/19    03/02/20
Heritage Hall09/27/19
Hernandez Store05/03/21
Hilton Garden Inn-Food08/02/19    02/05/20
Historic McFarland House LLC10/09/19
Hissho Sushi-in Martin's06/16/21
Hoffmaster I Group Home08/30/19    02/14/20
Hoffmaster II Group Home08/30/19    02/14/20
Hope Community Church06/24/19
Hoss's Steakhouse01/29/19
Izaak Walton League08/21/18    01/13/20
Jakki's Too10/18/18    02/07/20
Jakki's Station Grill12/13/18
Jakki's Warm Springs Station01/05/21
James Rumsey Culinary  Arts Kitchen05/14/19    02/24/20
Jasper's Sports Bar02/07/19
Jay Dee's Academy04/02/21
Jay Dee's Fun center05/15/19
Jersey Mike's09/12/19
Joe Muggs  Café10/23/18    02/07/20
Josephine's02/06/19    01/17/20
Josephine's of Martinsburg07/16/19
JT's Bar & Grill08/06/19    02/20/20
Julia's II03/06/19
Julia's Bank03/05/20    03/10/20
Julia's C08/16/19
Julia's W01/30/19    01/08/20
Jules of Inwood-Mobile05/02/19
Just In Time Seafood-Warms Springs Ave01/22/20
J & K BBQ & Grill-Mobile Unit07/13/19
KFC-Martinsburg07/17/19   08/04/21  09/28/21
Keisha's Kakes02/04/19
King Of Jerk-Mobile05/06/19

Kings Chicken Rotisserie & More   

 08/22/18   02/21/19
King's New York Pizza-Falling Waters09/17/19    01/14/20
King's New York Pizza-Hedgesville08/20/19    03/02/20
Kings New York Pizza - Rock Cliff01/03/19    01/22/20
King's Pizza Pronto11/21/19
Kitchens Orchard Farm Market-Retail09/16/19
Kitzie's-Rock Cliff12/11/19    05/12/21
Kitzie's Cafe'-Williamsport Pike07/25/19
Kitzie's-Spring Mills11/22/19

Knights of Columbus-Columbian Club

Knights of Columbus-Inwood05/23/19
Kobe Japanese Steakhouse08/05/19    01/29/20
Kwik Check10/17/19
Lady Jay's Catering09/24/20
Ladder House LLC01/14/20    02/19/20
Laddie's LLC

09/03/19    01/23/20

Lamb Chops Club07/30/19   06/17/21  07/08/21
Lambert Park Concession Stand05/21/19
Las Trancas

07/02/18    03/11/19  09/14/21   09/15/21

Last Roundup

01/16/19    01/16/20

12/10/20   10/15/20

Ledo's Pizza06/05/19    12/02/19
Little Caesar's-Foxcroft04/11/19    11/21/19
Little Caesar's-Spring Mills03/08/18  01/15/20  05/13/21
Little Inn02/11/19

04/11/19    01/09/20


Long Branch Saloon and  Grill12/26/18    11/05/19
Long John Silvers10/02/19  07/06/21  07/07/21
Los Toltecos A1 LLC03/19/21
Lust06/17/19    01/16/20
Luv's Soft Serve Ice Cream06/03/19
M3 Merchandise LLC-Retail12/18/18
Makua's Shaved Ice08/07/20
Marlowe Ruritan Club-Mobile05/28/19
Mama's Best Food Farmers Market05/30/19
Martin's Foxcroft-Bakery08/29/19
Martin's Foxcroft-Meat08/29/19
Martin's Foxcroft-Produce & Deli08/29/19
Martin's Foxcroft-Retail08/29/19
Martin's Foxcroft-Seafood08/29/19
Martin's-Hedgesville Deli-Bakery04/02/19    03/03/20
Martin's-Hedgesville Meat-Seafood04/02/19    03/03/20
Martin's-Hedgesville Produce04/02/19    03/03/20
Martin's Hedgesville Retail04/02/19    03/03/20
Martin's-Old Courthouse Square04/03/19
Martinsburg Center Inc.09/18/19    05/12/21
Martinsburg Children's Shelter-Food08/28/19    02/19/20
Martinsburg Children's Shelter-Detached Home08/28/19    02/19/20
Martinsburg Family  Diner  02/27/21  05/04/21  
Martinsburg Girls Softball05/02/18   04/14/21
Martinsburg High Band Boosters08/21/19
Martinsburg High Baseball Concession09/04/18
Martinsburg Little League

04/18/18    03/26/19

06/26/20   04/12/21   04/14/21

Martinsburg Minor League04/14/21
Martinsburg Moose Lodge08/21/19    02/14/20
Martinsburg Rescue Mission02/11/19
McDonald's-Apple Harvest  08/23/19    02/13/20
McDonald's-Edwin Miller Blvd. 09/12/19
McDonald's-Spring Mills

11/26/19   11/27/19

11/27/19   03/10/20

Mission Popcorn Company LLC05/25/19
Mitch's Kettle Corn-Mobile10/24/18

Moler  Ave. Church of the Brethren

Mama's Best Food06/01/20
Mom & Me Sweet Dreams-Mobile Unit06/27/19
Momma's Country Kitchen 

12/28/18  11/05/19  


Mother Shuckers Crab Shack09/04/19    02/06/20
Mountaineer Behavioral Health11/01/19
Mountaineer Grill and Pub12/17/19    01/30/20
Mountaineer Meats Smokers08/10/19
Mountaineer Popcorn05/25/19
Mountaineer Recovery05/19/21
Mountaineer ROCS-Food10/03/19    03/11/20
Mountaineer ROCS-Retail09/19/19
Ms. Twistee's Ice Cream Treats, LLC09/06/19
Murphy's Hedgesville Texaco LLC-Food10/08/19
Murphy's Hedgesville Texaco LLC-Retail10/08/19
Musselman Baseball03/07/19    03/13/20
Musselman High School Football Concession-Band Boosters08/15/19
Musselman  Soccer Concession05/22/19
Nelson's Supply Co. (Retail)09/11/20
New China04/11/19    12/06/19
Next Level Thrift and Gift06/27/19
Northside Group Home02/06/19    01/15/20
Nutrious Vibes05/26/20
Oakwood BBQ04/26/19    03/10/20
O'Connell's Pub LLC09/26/19
Old Berkeley News06/25/19
Old Country Diner03/04/20    05/18/21
Old 9 East Bar & Grill II02/05/19
Ollie's II08/02/19    01/30/20
Ollie's VIP Northside10/29/19
Olive Garden12/09/19
Oriental Buffet09/09/19
Oriole's Club 313

02/26/19    01/17/20


Orr's Farm Market-Food

02/15/19    02/14/20

Orr's Farm Market-Retail

02/15/19    02/14/20

Orsini's  Appliances-Mobile Unit06/21/19
Outback Steakhouse03/15/19    02/06/20
Panda Express09/03/19    05/17/21
Palace Lounge

 02/05/20    02/21/20

Panera Bread #4441-Foxcroft02/06/19
Papa Johns-Foxcroft07/18/19    01/03/20
Papa's Chicken and Ribs 11/14/18
Papa's Chicken and Ribs #206/13/19
Patterson's Drug Store12/12/19
Pedalin Pints, LLC08/02/19
Philly's Steak Subs Plus09/10/19    03/02/20
Pikeside Bowl09/16/19    03/03/20
Pippins Again02/05/19    01/16/20
Pizza Hut-Inwood

11/05/19   11/16/20 


Pizza Hut-Old Courthouse Square

10/02/19   11/16/20

11/30/20  02/08/21  

Pizza Montese

09/13/19    02/13/20

02/27/20    05/18/21

Pizza Oven09/13/19    02/03/20
Pizza Tonight12/04/19
Poor House Farm Arena

05/21/18    04/17/19

03/31/21   04/06/21

Popeye's-Elwood Street10/07/19
Popeye's-Spring Mills10/21/19
Potomac Park-Kitchen08/12/19
Potomac Perks-(Coffee Shop)08/12/19
Pownall's Bistro08/19/19   01/23/20 
Proctor & Gamble Resource Center-Food

10/26/18    10/04/19


Pumphouse East08/13/19
Purple Iris04/17/19  12/04/19  
Quad Graphics12/12/19
Quality Inn-Spring Mills-Food09/06/19
Quality Inn-Falling Waters-(Breakfast)02/28/19    03/10/20
Quality Inn & Suites-Kearneysville-(Breakfast)05/06/19
1902 on Queen05/14/19
Queen Pizza08/08/19   03/10/21
Randy Smith Center11/27/18
Red Lantern08/26/19  07/07/21   07/08/21
Red Roof Inn-Food09/05/19
Rite-Aid Inwood-Retail11/28/18
River Bend Bar & Grill06/24/19
River Bend Store Deli06/24/19
River Bend Store-Deli- Retail Store06/24/19
Roadhouse Saloon12/07/20
Rocky's Pizza08/20/19    01/30/20
Rocs BP Inwood-Food12/03/19
Rocs BP Inwood -Retail12/03/19
Rocs-Rt. 9 West-Food08/06/19    01/09/20
Rocs-Rt.9 West-Retail02/23/18    01/09/20
Rocs and Subway-King Street09/19/19
ROCS-Kings Street Retail09/19/19
Rocs-South End BP-Food11/20/19
Rocs-South End BP-Retail11/20/19
Rocs-Spring Mills-Food08/23/19
Rocs-Spring Mills -Retail08/23/19
Rocs - Moler Ave. -Food07/30/19    01/13/20
Rocs- Moler  Ave.-Retail07/30/19    01/13/20
Royal Farms04/16/21
Rt. 9 Citgo-Food06/25/19
Rt. 9 Citgo-Retail06/25/19
Rt.9 Shell-Subway ROCS-Food-Hedgesville07/29/19
Rt. 9 Shell-Subway ROCS-Retail-Hedgesville07/12/18
Ruby's Mud Fence07/24/19
Ruby's Spider Shanks12/02/19
Ruby's Wild Hog11/21/19    05/13/21
Rutter's-Food12/19/19    05/06/21
Rutter's-Retail12/19/19    05/06/21
S & S & W Concessions-Mobile10/10/19
Sam & Jakes Sports Bar

02/10/20    02/18/20

Sandstone Corner01/30/19    01/16/20
Sandi's Candy Lane06/18/19
Sara's Place11/06/19
Savage Farms 05/15/20
St. Bernadette Church02/15/19    05/08/21

Season's Best Seafood

7-11 Berkeley Station Road-Food07/23/19
7-11 Berkeley Station Road-Retail07/23/19
7-11 Hedgesville-Food09/03/19
7-11 Hedgesville-Retail09/03/19

7-11 Marlowe-Food

08/12/19    02/07/20
7-11 Marlowe-Retail08/12/19    02/07/20
7-11  VA-Kearneysville-Food08/14/19
7-11 VA Kearneysville-Retail08/14/19
7-11 Nadenbousch Lane -Food11/12/19
7-11 Nadenbousch Lane-Retail11/12/19
7-11 Queen Street-Food

03/04/21    03/24/21

7-11 Queen Street-Retail

12/14/18    03/04/21


7-11 Winchester Ave.-Food12/04/19    12/02/19
7-11 Winchester Ave.-Retail12/04/19      05/18/20
Save-A-Lot-Eagle School Rd-Meat Dept.08/27/19
Save-A-Lot-Eagle School Rd-Retail08/27/19
Scoop  Dawg 06/16/20
Schwan's Home Service Inc. #51315910/25/18
Schwan's Home Service In. #51351210/25/18
Sewell's Ribs and Chicken #1-Mobile Unit08/10/19
Sewell's Ribs and Chicken #2-Stationary-Queen Street07/26/19
Sheetz-Apple Harvest-Retail02/22/19    01/27/20
Sheetz-Apple Harvest-Food02/22/19    01/27/20
Sheetz-Edwin Miller-Food09/10/19
Sheetz-Edwin Miller-Retail09/10/19
Sheetz-Inwood -Retail09/09/19
Sheetz-Kearneysville- Food04/01/21
Sheetz-Spring Mills-Food07/25/19    01/08/20
Sheetz-Spring Mills-Retail07/25/19    01/08/20
Sheetz-Tabler Station Rd-Food07/23/19
Sheetz-Tabler Station Rd-Retail07/23/19
Sheetz-West King Street-Food09/03/19
Sheetz-West King Street-Retail09/03/19
Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church Concession09/27/19
Sissy's Family Restaurant12/04/19
Sky Room Lounge09/25/19
Smokie's LLC06/18/19
Sofia's-Foxcroft12/10/19   05/05/21
Sofia's-Old Courthouse Square01/29/19    01/03/20
Sonia's Bar & Grill12/02/19
Sleepy Creek Mountain Hot Dog05/05/21
South  Berkeley Fire Department02/07/19    02/10/20
South Berkeley Little League

03/28/19   06/17/20  08/31/20  09/04/20  

South Berkeley Youth Football07/31/18    07/17/19
Southside Group Home02/05/19    01/15/20
Spice Connexion04/23/19
Spring Mills Concession I-Food07/30/19
Spring Mills High Concession II-Retail07/30/19
Spring Mills Concession Indoor 12/13/19    01/10/20
Spring Mills High Baseball Concession03/14/19
Spring Valley Farm Market-Retail04/28/21

07/23/19    01/03/20


Starbucks inside Martin's06/19/19
Steel House Farm04/23/20
St. Leo's Catholic Church05/08/17  05/23/19
St.  Luke's United Methodist Church02/19/19
Subway-Hedgesville09/03/19  04/19/21  
Subway-Kearneysville 10/02/19
Subway - Moler Ave07/31/19    01/13/20
Subway-Old Courthouse Square09/30/19
Subway-Walmart-Spring Mills09/10/19
Suga Mama Cakes05/25/19
Summer Shack-Mobile Unit06/17/19    05/05/21
Sumo Asian Fusion LLC02/11/20
Sunny's One Stop-Food07/16/19
Sunny's One Stop-Retail07/16/19
Super 8 Hotel-Breakfast07/27/18    03/20/19
Sweet Frog07/23/19    01/10/20
Sweet Hut Cafe12/02/19
TJ's Place09/27/19
Taco Bell-Edwin Miller07/31/18    09/10/19
Taco Bell-Foxcroft 03/04/19    03/06/20
Taco Bell-Inwood08/26/19
Taco Bell-Spring Mills08/08/19
Taco Oasis-Mobile05/25/19
Taco's El DF12/09/19
Tad's Dairy Barn #2-Spring Mills06/18/19
Tad's Dairy Barn #3-Mobile08/03/19
Target-Retail03/06/19    02/06/20
Target-Pizza Hut-Starbucks

02/01/18    03/06/19

02/06/20    05/18/21

Taylor's Farm Market DBA Cider Press Deli & Grill07/23/19    02/26/20
Taylor's Farm Market-Retail01/02/20

The Lounge, LLC  (Big Bucks Bingo)

10/15/18    01/08/20
The Pizza Shop03/08/19    01/27/20
The Rock05/09/19   02/07/20 
The Sauced Savage (Mobile)07/08/19
The Woods Clubhouse Grille02/15/19    02/24/20
Tiki's11/08/18    01/06/20
Tilsburg Lane Group Home10/08/19
Tomahawk Ruritan Club06/11/19
Tomahawk Valley Store08/02/19    01/21/20
Tomahawk Valley Store-Retail08/02/19    01/21/20
Touch of Texas05/03/19    01/15/20
Tracy's Corner Grocery-Food02/12/19    01/02/20
Tracy's Corner Grocery-Retail02/12/19    01/02/20
Traver's Country Store-Food08/19/19    02/10/20
Traver's Country Store-Retail08/19/19    02/10/20
Trinity United Methodist Church09/20/19
Tropical Smoothie Café'10/16/19    12/19/19
Tuscarora Ruritan 10/19/18
Twisted Dough-Mobile Unit05/30/19
VFW 89605/21/19    03/13/20
Victory House02/11/20
Viva Mexico09/25/19    01/09/20
Waffle House-Edwin Miller Blvd.07/16/19
Waffle House-Inwood

02/10/20     03/11/20

Walmart Super Center-Martinsburg-Bakery04/18/19
Walmart  Super Center-Martinsburg-Deli10/03/19
Walmart Super Center-Martinsburg-Meat04/16/19
Walmart Super Center-Martinsburg-Produce04/15/19
Walmart Super Center-Martinsburg-Retail04/16/19
Walmart-Spring Mills-Bakery07/11/19
Walmart-Spring Mills-Deli07/11/19
Walmart-Spring Mills-Meat07/11/19
Walmart-Spring Mills-Produce07/11/19
Walmart-Spring Mills-Retail07/11/19
War Memorial Park05/21/19
Warm Springs Diner12/12/19
Weis #238-Enterprise Circle02/02/21
Weis Market-Bakery06/21/19
Weis Market-Deli06/21/19
Weis Market-Meat02/05/19
Weis Market-Produce02/05/19
Weis Market-Retail02/05/19

10/28/19    01/07/20


Wendy's-N. Queen St.09/27/19    03/03/20
Wendy's-Spring Mills10/11/19
William Booth Home09/08/19
Williamsport Pike Group Home10/08/19
Wing Stop12/02/19    02/06/20
Woodbrier Golf Course-Food09/16/19
Zul's Frozen Lemonade08/03/19

APM Inn and Suites-Martinsburg

06/05/19    01/29/20


Casa Om Potomac Bed & Breakfast01/24/19
Comfort Inn06/03/19
Economy Inn10/17/18   09/26/19
Fairfield Inn & Suites06/14/19
Grey Cliff Hall-Bed & Breakfast01/29/19    01/30/20
Hampton Inn-Martinsburg03/12/19
Hampton Inn-Inwood06/06/19
Heritage Inn11/13/19
Hilton Garden Inn06/03/19
Holiday Inn01/09/19
Knights Inn05/23/19
Martinsburg Motel10/18/18  10/01/19  
Motel 610/18/18   09/24/19
Oak Crest Motel10/18/18    09/24/19
Pikeside Motel03/12/19
Quality Inn-Falling Waters06/05/19

Quality Inn & Suites-Kearneysville

Red Roof Inn09/05/19
Relax Inn10/17/18   09/26/19
Super 8 Hotel02/28/19

School Inspections

Back Creek Valley Elementary School

Bedington Elementary School11/08/19
Berkeley Heights Elementary School10/31/19
Bunker Hill Elementary School12/11/19
Burke Street Elementary School 12/09/19
Eagle School Intermediate12/06/19
Faith Christian Academy06/12/19
Gerrardstown Elementary School11/15/19
Hedgesville Elementary11/14/19
Hedgesville High School11/19/19
Hedgesville Middle School11/04/19
Inwood Primary School11/21/19   05/20/21
James Rumsey  School04/16/19
Marlowe Elementary11/05/19
Martinsburg Christian Academy11/20/19
Martinsburg High School10/30/19
Mill Creek Intermediate School11/05/19
Mountain Ridge Middle School11/01/19
Mt. Ridge Intermediate12/03/19
Musselman  Middle School11/21/19
Musselman High School12/11/19
North Middle School12/06/19
Opequon Elementary School11/12/19
Orchard View Intermediate12/12/19
Pikeside Learning Center11/06/19
Potomac Intermediate05/10/19
Rocky Knoll-Food11/04/19
Rosemont Elementary School12/05/19
Spring Mills Middle School04/30/19
Spring Mills High School12/13/19  05/06/21  
Spring Mills Primary12/03/19
South Middle School12/05/19
St. Joseph School11/21/19
Tomahawk Intermediate School11/07/19
Tuscarora Elementary School12/09/19
Valley View Elementary12/11/19
Winchester Avenue Elementary School-Food12/13/19

Child Care
Angels Gather Here Childcare05/30/19    01/22/20
Aunt Bev's Kids04/25/19    01/10/20
Aunt Chell's Clubhouse11/08/18    06/04/19
Board of Childcare-Cottages-Brown Road12/12/19
Board of Childcare Houses 1-412/16/19
Bullock's Busy Bee Daycare12/17/19
Bullock's Busy Bee Daycare II-Food10/03/19
Bullock's Busy Bee Daycare II12/17/19
Busy Bee Childcare II06/24/19  01/30/20  
Busy Bee Childcare II-Food06/24/19  01/30/20
Butterflies and Bullfrogs-Family Daycare09/16/19
Butterflies and Bullfrogs-Food03/11/19
Cozy Couch11/08/19
Cozy Couch 2-New04/19/21
Epiphany Childcare11/04/19
Faith Christian Academy-Preschool03/20/19
Happy Hearts-Daycare06/10/19
Happy Hearts-Preschool Food06/10/19    01/09/20
Jaydees  Academy04/02/21
Kamp Tree House Before & After08/05/19
Kids Kount- Childcare12/10/19
Kids Kount-Food12/10/19
Kids World-Childcare08/15/19   01/24/20 
Kids World-Food06/03/19    01/24/20
Mary R. Spurling Childcare10/04/19
Melody's Childcare03/05/19
Ms. Dee's Daycare12/18/19
Lasting Memories Daycare05/07/21
Laugh-N-Play Clubhouse 210/15/19
Learning Bees 2 Daycare12/17/19
Learning Bees 3 Daycare12/17/19
Learning Bees 3 Daycare-Food03/13/19
Lil Angels Daycare06/25/19    02/04/20
Little Bears Daycare11/08/19
Little Eagle Childcare-After School-Berkeley Heights05/30/18
Little Eagles Childcare-Hedgesville elementary05/21/18
Little Eagles Childcare-Before and After-Inwood Primary 03/05/18
Little Eagles Childcare-IRS-Food10/11/19
Little Eagles Childcare-IRS-Childcare10/11/19
Little Eagles Childcare-Marlowe Elementary12/12/18
Little Eagles Childcare-Opequon Elementary12/06/19
Little Eagles Childcare-Potomac Intermediate11/07/19
Little Eagles Childcare-Rosemont11/07/19
Little Eagles Childcare-Spring Mills Primary11/07/19
Little Eagles-VA11/06/19
Little Eagles Childcare-Valley View Before & After Care06/01/18
Little Pandas Learn-n-Play Center-Childcare01/28/19
Little Pandas Learn-n-Play-Food01/28/19
Little Stars Daycare09/23/19
Lollipop Lane Preschool12/10/19
Martinsburg Children's Shelter-Detached Home05/22/18
Martinsburg Children's  Shelter-Food01/15/19
Melody's Childcare03/05/19
New Beginnings Childcare-Food02/08/19
New Beginnings Childcare09/20/19
Norborne Daycare Center08/27/19
Norborne Daycare Center-Food08/27/19
EPIC-Berkeley Heights Head Start01/13/20
EPIC-Berkeley Heights Kitchen01/13/20
EPIC-Inwood  Family Worship Center-Childcare03/07/19
EPIC-Inwood Family Worship Center-Food03/07/19
EPIC-Hack Wilson  Way-Childcare02/13/19  
EPIC- Hack Wilson Way-Food02/13/19
EPIC-Headstart James Rumsey-Food10/16/19
EPIC-Headstart James Rumsey10/16/19
EPIC-Knights of Columbus-Childcare03/07/19
EPIC-Knights of Columbus-Food03/07/19
EPIC-School House Road-Food12/03/19
EPIC-School House Road-Childcare12/03/19
EPIC-VA Center11/07/19
Rocky Knoll Pre-K11/04/19
St. Joseph Daycare12/09/19
St. Joseph Daycare-Food12/09/19
St. Joseph Preschool02/04/19
Step Ahead Preschool Childcare04/23/19    01/29/20
Step Ahead Preschool-Food03/01/19    01/29/20
The Golden Rule Daycare12/09/19
The Golden Rule Daycare-Food12/09/19
Tiny Tots Village

03/08/19    01/30/20

01/08/21  10/20/21


Tiny Tots Village-Food

03/08/19    01/30/20 

10/20/21    10/27/21

Tree House Child Development10/03/19
Tree House Child Development-Facility 212/03/19
Village Square LLC-Martinsburg08/28/19
Village Square-Hedgesville12/03/19
Yost Child Development Center Kitchen (Food)-Change of Ownership11/19/19
Yost Child Development Center-Daycare11/19/19   01/11/21 

Tattoo/Body Piercing Studios
100 Proof Tattoo-Piercing06/25/19
Ambition and Ink08/27/19
Boomtown Tattoo10/10/19
Burke Street Tattoo & Gallery12/17/19
Cherry Bomb-Piercing12/10/19
Cherry Bomb Tattoo12/10/19
Dr. Robert Bowen03/28/19
Drawin  Attention Tattoo02/23/18   04/19/19    06/16/21
Precision Beauty Studio06/07/19
Q Nails12/23/19
The Black Pearl06/25/19
True Love Tattoo03/08/19    03/10/20
Veracity Micro blading07/24/20
Wild & Wonderful Tattoo11/30/18    01/14/20

                                               Clean Air Compliance
Aldi Food-#74 The Commons Parkway05/22/19
Aldi Food Market-Edwin Miller04/04/18
Angel's Bar & Grill09/25/19
Angels Gather Here Childcare05/24/19
Bad Habits08/07/19
Bentwood Smokers BBQ & Catering02/05/18
Big Apple Lounge04/25/18
Big Lots03/22/18
Blaze Pizza06/07/18
Blue Ridge CTC Mobile Truck06/18/20
Bob Evans02/28/18
Brix 2701/12/18
Broad Lane Station02/07/18
Bunker Hill Convenience Store LLC03/25/19
Burke Street Tattoo & Gallery12/17/19
Butcher's Outlet04/19/19
Callahan Counseling Detox Center07/05/18
Care Haven02/01/18
Club Aura10/08/19
Cozy Couch 204/19/21
Dairy Queen #311/08/18
Deez Donuts05/23/19
Doc's Truck Repair12/18/19
Dollar General-Bunker Hill07/27/20
Dollar Tree-The Commons01/18/18
Dollar Tree-Eagle School Road #0726905/23/18
Dominos Pizza-Falling Waters01/31/18
Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins-Foxcroft04/10/19
Dunkin Donuts-Edwin Miller02/13/18
Economy Inn10/17/18
Fiesta Tapitia01/24/18
Finn Thai Restaurant03/28/18
Firehouse Subs04/01/19
Flam3z "WiFi Spot" Event & Jerk05/10/19    02/12/20
Galaxy Skateland01/25/18
Grade Road Station03/19/18
Gus's Bar & Grill and BBQ03/06/19
Happy Hearts Daycare06/10/19
Jakki's Station Grill12/13/18
Jill's Mobile Kitchen05/18/18
Julia's II03/16/18
Just In Time Seafood01/22/20
KFC -Martinsburg08/30/18
King of Jerk-Mobile05/06/19
King's Rotisserie Chicken03/14/18
Knights Inn07/16/18
Los Toltes A1 Inc.03/19/21
Martinsburg Family Diner02/27/21
Martinsburg High School07/26/18
Martinsburg Softball- Charlotte Prather Park04/28/21
Moe's Donut Shop10/10/18
Mountaineer Meat Smokers05/10/18
Oakcrest Motel10/18/18
Old  9 East Bar & Grill II01/07/19
Olive Garden01/22/19
Ollie's VIP Northside10/29/19
Oriental Buffet08/21/19
Orioles Club 31304/30/18
Outback Steakhouse11/28/18   02/06/20
Papa's Chicken & Ribs II05/13/19
Pedalin Pints, LLC08/01/19
Relax Inn10/17/18
Quality Inn-Falling Waters02/20/18
Quality Inn & Suites -Kearneysville10/17/18
Queens Pizza03/10/21
1902 on Queen04/24/19
Relax Inn10/17/18
Rite Aid-Winchester Ave.01/18/18
Roadhouse Saloon12/08/20
7-11-Winchester Avenue12/04/19
Sam and Jake's Sports Bar02/18/20
Short Stuff LLC07/01/19
Spring Valley Farm Market-Retail04/28/21
South Berkeley Volunteer Fire Department02/07/19
Subway-The Commons06/07/18
Tacos EL DF12/09/19
The Balcony11/20/18
The Crossings of Martinsburg03/28/18
The Laugh-N-Play Clubhouse 203/16/18
The Lounge10/15/18
The Taco Oasis10/26/18
True Love Tattoo01/12/18
Tropical Smoothie Cafe WV Ol LLC12/12/19
Weis #238-Enterprise Circle02/02/21
Wendy's-Hammond Mills03/31/21

Environmental Services

Not only do we provide programs for your health, we also ensure your surroundings are safe.


Health Inspections (Online)

In an effort to increase awareness and improve services for the citizens of Berkeley County, the Berkeley County Health Department will publish Food Establishment Inspection Scores.  The scores will be published to this website on a monthly basis and remain here for a reference.  Critical Violations are listed and accompanied by the corresponding WV Food Code Reference.  Critical violations are conditions that have the potential of causing a food borne illness.  Normally, the smaller food establishments, such as mini marts and taverns, will have fewer critical violations due to the small volume of food preparation.  Larger establishments, on the other hand, have a bigger potential for critical violations due to the higher volume of food preparation. If you have any questions, please contact us.​

8:30AM - 4:30PM M-F,  (304) 263-5131

Health Department